Tuesday, August 9, 2011


FotoBrander by Gizmojoy is an iPad app that lets you apply an impressive touch to your images. It's amazing what a little creative touch can do to your photographs. With over 200 beautifully designed seals, stamps, badges, crests, labels, insignias to chose from, you'll certainly have fun using your imagination to create your FotoBranders. What's more, the FotoBranders created are saved as your own creations, for you to use on your photos. For as many times as you want.

Use FotoBrander to:
- take ownership of your images 
- memorialize pictures by naming events & dates
- individualize your photos in your own unique way
- enhance your pictures with some stylish branding
- market your photographic skills
- just add a fun touch to your photos!

After FotoBranding your images, you can save them to your photo album, email or upload to Facebook.

So get your FotoBrander for your iPad on the App Store today!

For support, please email gizmojoystudios@gmail.com